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Snake Control: Trapping & Removal

Our Snake Control, Trapping & Removal Services

Snake Control & Trapping Service In Manassas

Our Unique Approach To Snake Trapping & Removal Services

1. Step One: Snake INspection

As with all critters, snake control begins with an in depth inspection of the property.  In addition to looking for snakes on the property, we check the property for food sources and areas where snakes may hide.  We remove any snakes we find and are able to get our hands on during the initial inspection.

2. Step Two: Snake Trapping

Snake trapping is a concept that many people struggle with.  But, it’s true, we trap snakes quite successfully.  Our traps are installed following our initial inspection and manual removal service.  These traps stay in place and are regularly refreshed throughout the duration of the snake removal service.

3. Step Three: Snake Repellant

We also apply a repellent to the property, at the conclusion of our trapping process and as part of our ongoing service, to make the area less appealing to snakes. A successful snake removal requires controlling the population of snake food sources on the property.  Food source control will, of course, reduce a snake’s desire to be on the property.

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