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Bat Control & Trapping

Our Bat Control & Removal Services

We are the bat removing and control professionals for Northern Virginia! Bats are the only mammals that can truly fly and their presence throughout the state of Virginia is felt every time you go outdoors.

If it wasn’t for bats the state of Virginia, we would be inundated with insects, especially mosquitoes. Bats are one of the best means of insect control that is known to man. However, this does not make it acceptable to have bats in your attic or in other parts of your home or office building. There are several different types of bats that call Manassas their home.

There is the big Brown bat, the little Brown bat, the silver haired bat, the long eared bat, the free tailed bat and other subspecies of bats that make the surrounding areas of Virginia their home. We can handle your bat removal problem!

  • Bat Control and Bat Removal
  • Bat Exclusions
  • Dead Bat Removal & Deodorization of infected areas
  • Home and office Bat Inspections
  • Complete attic restoration
Bat Control In Manassas VA

Our Unique Approach To Bat Trapping & Removal Services

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The most common call that we receive is bat removal from attics. Bats can become a problem in the attic of your home when their numbers become greater than what the living area will support. When you have a large influx of bats in the attic area of your home you will have a large amount of bat guano build up.

This is an alarming problem and one that will not cure itself. Once bats have found a suitable place to live bats will continue to roost in that area for as long as they can. If you have bats in your attic call us immediately.

1. STEP ONE: Exclusion

Bat exclusion is merely the sealing of the entire structure in which the bat infestation is present. One opening is left for the bats to escape. After several days, and a good thorough inspection, the remaining hole is sealed which completes the bat exclusion.

2. Step Two: Disinfect, Sanitize & Restore Attic

Once you have had the bats removed from your attic, you may still be left with a large problem. You may find that your attic has been damaged by the nests of bats. One of the most common problems that occurs with bats is damage from the urine and the bat droppings (called Guano). We can safely remove insulation that has been damaged by the bats. We will clean the area and place new insulation in its place. We can remove any dead bats from your attic. We will also deodorize the space to get rid of any of the odor problems that you may have

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do! Inspections are $250 and offer a full documented inspection. If animals are located a removal strategy will be created and quoted at the time of inspection. If removal is set to begin on the day of inspection we credit the cost of inspection towards the removal and restoration costs.

Absolutely! Our removal and repairs are warrantied for 365 days!

Give us a call to schedule! Typically we have same day appointments available, in other cases appointments are the next morning!


Initial Attic Inspection




Inspect Attic

Determine Entry Points

Develop a Quote

Offer Removal Strategy Plan

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