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    5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★

    155+ Reviews

    5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★

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    5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★

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    Our Wildlife & Pest Control Services

    Ant Control

    Getting rid of ants in Manassas, VA is no easy task. Ants are social insects that live in colonies, which means you must fully eliminate them to avoid another infestation down the road. Worse yet, store-bought bug sprays only kill a few ants at best and cause the rest of the colony to scatter around your home. Luckily, Ataraxia Pest Solutions can help! Our team is trained to get rid of ants and prevent them from coming back.

    Bird Control

    Birds are beautiful creatures but once they invade a building or an area, birds can create serious problems with their nests and droppings. More than that, their germs and parasites can cause as many as 60 different diseases, infections, and illnesses in humans. Some of these diseases include salmonella, meningitis, encephalitis and more. Ataraxia is dedicated to providing bird removal services that keep everyone safe.

    Groundhog Control

    Groundhogs are cute (yet highly destructive) creatures with well-developed teeth and an appetite for vegetation. Though these ground-dwellers are shy around humans, you might notice them more and more once spring hits and plants sprout. As cute as they may seem, groundhogs can cause massive amounts of damage to yards, gardens, livestock and your home foundation so it's important to kick them out as soon as possible.

    Mosquito Control

    Mosquitoes ruin the summer months and expose your family to dangerous diseases. Our mosquito control service kills them on contact and acts as a repellent for weeks to come so you can enjoy your yard again. Our mosquito control service is more than a deterrent or repellent, it’s a killer that eliminates these blood-sucking pests for good.

    Rat & Mice Control

    Rodents spread diseases, contaminate food, damage property, and breed quickly. The team at Ataraxia Pest Solutions can help. With over years of experience, we're Manassas, VA's most dependable rodent control experts.

    Skunk Control

    Need professional help with your skunk problem? We’re the top choice for humane skunk control services in Manassas, VA. Ataraxia is able to solve your issue in an affordable and stress-free fashion.

    Snake Control

    Snakes may be the most feared of all the animals we get rid of. While they may not kill humans, many of them provide a painful bite, and, if you are deeply afraid of snakes, having any species nearby can be hazardous to your health. Fortunately, Ataraxia can resolve snake problems and minimize, if not eliminate entirely, your snake encounters. We can also apply a 100% organic and effective snake repellant surrounding the home.

    Spider Exterminator

    Spiders are skilled predators, using their webs to trap unsuspecting pests. And, while most species are harmless, discovering their webs can be unsettling. Keep in mind the venomous variety (black widow, brown recluse, etc.) do not create webs indoors, so if you stumble upon these pests while you’re outside, please give us a call. Bites are rarely fatal, but they are very painful, and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    Squirrel Control

    As rodents, squirrels’ teeth never stop growing, which means these animals have a constant need for gnawing and chewing. When dealing with a squirrel infestation this becomes a huge problem, as the animals can cause a lot of damage to your wooden structures, walls, external parts of your home, or insulation. Very often, these pests chew through the structures and create holes that help them with leaving and coming back whenever they please. This also leaves easy access for other wild animals searching for shelter.

    Termite Treatment

    Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damages each year. Rather than allowing these wood-destroying pests to chew through your home, trust the team at Ataraxia Pest Solutions to protect your greatest investment. . If you’re currently dealing with a termite problem or aren’t protected from future infestations, you need to act fast. The team at Ataraxia Pest Solutions can safeguard your home from these wood-destroying pests.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Here at Ataraxia Pest Solutions, we do our best to show up on time, treat your home with respect, and get rid of your pest or rodent problem right the first time around. So in the unlikely event you’re not satisfied with your most recent service, simply give us a call. We’ll come back and retreat your home at no additional cost to you, we 100% guarantee it!*

    To get started, call 833-933-7378 or request a quote online!

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